Registration Policies and Procedures

All medical practitioners (local and foreign) must be registered with MMC and issued a Practising License before they can practice medicine in Myanmar.

Registration types:  1. Full registration                             

                                    2. Limited Registration

1. Full Registration

Local-trained Doctors ( Local Graduates )

  • Local medical graduates refer to a Myanmar National holding MBBS degree awarded by any of the local medical institutions recognized by the Council.
  • This group of doctors can apply for full registration upon fulfilling the existing criteria.

International Medical Graduates

  • International Medical Graduates can also apply for full registration only if they are Nationals holding MBBS or equivalent degree awarded by any of foreign medical institutions recognized by the Council and must sit licensing exam MMLE ( Myanmar Medical License Examination ) .
  • Doctors who do not meet the criteria for full registration may apply for limited registration, subject to existing criteria for limited registration.

Documentation \Form Requirements for MMLE

Registration Policies and Procedures

Limited Registration

To promote the exchange of medical expertise, training and international collaborations, recognized medial specialist are eligible for limited registration for the following purposes.

  1. Expert Visit
  2. Teaching and Training Programs
  3. Humanitarian Missions
  4. Research


 Employing Hospital \ Health Care Institute must apply for the limited registration of foreign medical specialist with the required documents stated below

  1. CV/ Resume of Foreign Medical Specialist
  2. Copy of valid passport of foreign medical specialist
  3. Certificate of Good Standing/ CoRS of FMS
  4. Copy of graduate medical qualification & Specialist qualifications
  5. Letter of co-responsibility of local same specialty specialist and his/her valid specialist license
  6. Copy of valid license of employing hospital
  7. A resent 1.5” * 1.5” sized photograph ( taken within the last 3 months in color and against a blue background ) 3 photos
  8. Receipt of payments to the books for desirous foreign medical practitioner
  9. Agreement letter for MoHS

All documents stated above must apply to MMC pirior to one month ( 4 weeks ) before practice.

Full Registration for local trained doctors

  1.   Copy of National License
  2. A recent 1.5” * 1.5 “ sized photograph ( taken within the last 3 months in color and against a blue/white background ).
  3.   Copy of graduate a medical certificate
  4.   Copy of certificate of qualification of internship training

Full Registration for International Medical Graduates

  1.   Certificate true copy of National License or Passport.
  2.   A recent 1.5” * 1.5 “ sized photograph ( taken within the last 3 months in color and against a blue background ) 3 photos
  3.   Certificated true copy of graduated and /or postgraduate medical qualification.

( For certificates or qualifications in a language other than English, a certified true copy of the     English translation must be provided )

  • Documentary evidence of housemanship/internship training with details on the period on the period spent in each discipline.
  • Certificates of registration of other medical licensing authorities.
  • Evidence of proficiency in Myanmar language if applicable.