The Burma Medical Council, as it was known then, was formed under the Burma Medical Council Acts, 1957. This Act was subsequently repealed and the Myanmar Medical Council Law was drafted and came into force on January 14, 2000.

The Myanmar Medical Council Law was modified on April 9, 2015 and the Council was reformed on February 6, 2016 as an independent body with a more comprehensive role beyond the scope of the responsibilities and functions of the previous organization.

Recognized Basic and Post-Graduate Qualifications

Recognized Basic Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery ( MBBS )

 List of Recognized Local Institutions

  • University of Medicine 1 , Yangon
  • University of Medicine 2 , Yangon
  • University of Medicine, Mandalay
  • University of Medicine, Magway
  • University of Medicine, Taungyi
  • Defence Services Medical Academy


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